About Us: YPN Incorporated

YPN Inc business was formed in 2015 by David J Moore, MBA,  Who wanted to help out other mortgage loan officers and real estate agents get the tools they needed to be successful in real estate careers.


– I’ve worn lots of shoes. – (forrest gump)

My name is David J Moore and I am the author of this website and CEO/President of YPN Inc. A California Based Corporation.  Professionally, I have been a home mortgage lender for the past 14 years of my life, however, I have always been an entrepreneur since I can remember.

Why have I always been an entrepreneur?

Going against the odds, being an underdog, and succeeding everybody’s expectations have always been something that I love to do.  It is my passion, to take an idea or a concept and find a way to make it grow into a full blown thriving company.

“an idea is the most powerful force on earth….it cannot be stopped or contained”

WHY Do I want to help Small Business Owners? –

Yes, Yes , I hear it all the time.  Small business never pay their bills, etc.

However, I tend to think of it more like the golden rule….if I can help out as many business owners while they are small, they will in turn help my business as they grow and will repay me in the end if I need any of their services.  It is never bad having too many business connections right?

I am a big believer that what goes around comes around so I think of it like I am spreading knowledge everywhere I go.  Also I love to encourage other people to become their best whether it be a person or a business.  I enjoy teaching how to professional skills development, website design, and marketing tactics so that you can become a business success.

I enjoy watching and writing good helpful content.  Stuff that truly helps people out with a business need or a problem they are having.  I personally never had that in my life, so I want to give back to others where i was lacking in my life.

Why do you want to help grow small business and real estate company’s?

The reason why I want to help people out who want more career success and income for their lives, is because I like to see people succeed.  Small businesses do not get a lot of help.  Most close down within 2 years or less and the rest just struggle to pay the bills from month to month.  I like to help out real estate companies because that is what has been my profession for over 14 years as a mortgage lender and business owner.

Also I simply enjoy seeing people succeed.  I not only grew up in extreme poverty, even though I lived many years in my adulthood making over triple figures, I still vividly remember the very hard times and I always wished there was somebody or something that would come and help us….but nobody ever did.

Being poor for that long unbelievably devastating to my creative ability.  I was always having to hustle to pay a bill hear and there or simply just have something to eat and a roof over my head.  My struggle was all too real to me.

Now because I am a single father of 4 kids, I never want to see them or anybody else lose their creative ability because they are having a hard time paying their bills.  So I decided to do my very best to help others with success in business, marketing and website design.

You will see how I wrap all this up into what my specialty of real estate and mortgage finance a little later in the website, but for right now that is where we are going to start.  Sound good?  🙂


The goal of this website is to help you make extra income and/or improve your professional skills in order to help you advance in your career.  Plain and simple, I want you travel a better path than the one I took.  I make some huge mistakes along the way, but I also discovered some really smart ideas as well.

I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made when I was a young entrepreneur.  I want to help keep you as far away from that poverty line as I can.  In my opinion, what is the use of having knowledge if you cannot give it away to help the world be a better place.

I grew up super, super poor and it sucks really, really bad.  Being poor is one of the worst things for your health, both mentally and physically. Those of you who have experienced extreme poverty can relate.  Living that way for an extended period of time can actually physically injure your body so bad that it never repairs itself from years of abuse.  I want to help other people not have to experience having to live like this.

Our goals for you

Our goal here is try and find different ways to make extra income.  We will be helping ourselves and other members simple and easy techniques to make more money on the side while you are working.   Then when your business gains more traffic and you are able to replace all of your income, you can transition into being a full time business owner and entrepreneur because your new business will replace your full time income at this point.

Let me be clear on this however,

This is not a get rich scheme by any means, it is about teaching you different tips and techniques to help you start a side business and begin to make it profitable, for the long haul.  Not to become an overnight success.

This side business you will create can be anything that you are passionate about.  For some it might be by being a mortgage lender or a Real Estate Agent.   For others, it will be by being an online marketing affiliate, or by being a social media marketing expert.  Everybody will have a different business goal in their business plan.

Make the choice to start today!

However you decide to move forward, the most important thing is to simply start.

If you do not take that very important first step to starting to change the direction of your life for the better, 2 weeks from now you will be in the exact same place that you are right now.

That is what you can 100% guarantee.

Watch this video at about until 7:50 seconds…. he says it perfectly.

So make a choice today to be happy today!

Take whatever somebody or something in your life that has bothered you and channel all that hurt, pain, anger and frustration into success and positive-ness for your life. None of us can change the past, but all of us can change our future!  If you do not simply start, then whatever person, place or thing that has made you feel less than you actually are, has already won!.

Choose your future today!

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to reach out to me or any of our staff members for help. I really look forward to seeing you with your business journey.

All the best,

David J Moore, MBA – CEO/President YPN Inc.

#YPN – The future of your career starts today

picture/image-David J Moore MBA
Amazon Book Author and President/CEO of YPN INC
David J Moore MBA

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