minimize your documents

The internet and especially google loves speed. Speed is the key! Check out this tool to analyze your website speed on google.

follow client payments

Know what people are buying on your website indicates what your audience is interested on. Also payment systems are the #1 thing that optimizes your website. Get your payment system set up on your website today. Simply click on the icon to start getting it set up.

automate repeating tasks

Utilize Nifty Automated Software in order to get the annoying tasks. Time is money so utilize your time and expertise in a more profitable way.

saved to the cloud

The best way to keep track of all your documents and resources is by saving to the cloud. YPN offers a special discount to all of our members for google apps which is a huge selection of google’s most advanced apps for business all saved in the cloud. Check it out!

Choose the perfect plan

If the selections above are a little too complex for you, we offer a special all in one business marketing suite that takes care of all of the options for building your own website and digital marketing.  Choose your selection below and remember we have a 100% money back guarantee on all products, so you have nothing to lose if it does not fit your needs.  


Per month

  • 5GB Storage

  • 500 Users

  • 1 Domains

  • 1 Year Support


Per month

  • 10GB Storage

  • Unlimited Users

  • 5 Domains

  • Lifetime Support


Per month

  • 100GB Storage

  • Unlimited Users

  • 50 Domains

  • Lifetime Support

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